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The following businesses feature on our food tours & retreats. Please click on the links below for more information on where to taste and order their products:


Jill Juriss: Sounds Somatics andYoga for Health 

Jill is one of the few people in New Zealand to be teaching this amazing form of body re-alignment. Somatics movements have been developed to realign the body, and to improve posture, which help us to move in a safe, easy, and natural manner. The exercises are simple and achievable by all age groups and are taught using the Martha Peterson, Thomas Hanna methods. Jill also teaches Hatha Yoga and works with people at all levels of this yoga system.- when she is not out fishing with Pete!

 Marlborough's NZ King Salmon 

Marlborough's NZ King Salmon are raised in arguably the cleanest environments in the world.  Not only is the samon they produce some of the healthiest in the world, but the company also has a focus on sustainability and community. Their Chinook salmon is heralded as the best salmon in terms of taste, texture and nutrition.

The Portage

This amazing resort in the stunning Kenepuru Sound has recently been refurbished. A major makeover makes it an outstanding resort in a peaceful setting with the wonders of the bush and sea on all sides. Relax by the pool, fish from the beach, walk the famous Queen Charlotte track or just relax in the beautiful gardens of the resort, or sip a local wine on the deck

Blenheim Farmers' Market

Enjoy the taste of Marlborough's best seasonal fruit, vegetables, and other produce. Relax knowing that meat, cheese and eggs all come from animals that have been treated humanely. The market is widely acclaimed for both the quality and diversity of its fresh farm products, and artisan and prepared foods. The actual stallholders are the producers themselves – people who grow, rear or bake the food that they sell.

Cranky Goat Cheese 

Situated on the edge of the Mahakipawa Arm off the Pelorus, this family run cheese business uses the neighbours goats. Making a range of soft, hard and white rind cheeses with love and care in small batches, you know everyone will have a favourite.  

Mills Bay Mussels 

These guys have a passion for mussels, mussels, and more mussels. A succulent crop of sea-farmed goodness is carefully nurtured and sustainably harvested to bring you the best from our local waters. 

Ground Gourmet Essentials

Ground Gourmet Essentials produces a range of hand-ground spice blends and condiments. Exotic spices are ground in a traditional mortar and pestle to make authentic blends from the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific. 

HomeTrees Olive Oil

HomeTrees of West Melton is a boutique olive grove owned by Warren and Liz Thompson. Their Tuscan olive varieties of Frantoio, Leccino and Pendalino were planted approximately ten years ago. Although not wholly organic, Warren and Liz do not use chemical fertilisers or toxic spray on their trees. The olives are left on the trees until perfectly sun-ripened before they are hand-picked by family and friends. While most extra virgin olive oil is left to settle for 30 to 90 days before bottling, HomeTrees oil goes from press to bottle in a matter of hours giving it a wonderfully pungent, peppery flavour and a luminous green colour. 

Moa Brewery

Breaking the mould in wine region, this proud little brewery is owned by 1613 Kiwis. Producing craft beer in Marlborough since 2003 Moa has a range of standard and seasonal release beers, with some surprises thrown in.

Oaklands Milk

Buying milk at the gate might seem like a thing of days gone by, but local residents in this area are lucky enough to have the novelty still in their neighbourhood. Oakland sells A2 milk from organically farmed cows sold in glass bottles. Yum. 


Local wine at its best. .

Sherrington Honey

Every jar tells a story of the humble honey bee and the native forest and far reaches of the Marlborough Sounds. Honey with a blend of Manuka, Kanuka and other native blossoms, this honey is unique.

Lyttelton Coffee Company

L.C.C. is a mainstay of the Lyttelton food scene. Both a roastery wholesaling to other cafes in NZ and a firm favourite meeting place in Lyttelton, L.C.C. is known for its ethical practices. Steve Mateer, the owner is passionate, not only about his blends of beans but also the milk it is made with in the cafe, the herbs he forages for the smoothies, the music playing in the cafe, the composting practices they use, even down to refusing to have plastic milk bottles in-store. Oh, and did we mention the coffee is consistently the best around.

Mariano's Spanish Goods (Frankie's favourite stop)

Mariano’s Spanish Goods is a small, family business providing its clients with a taste of authentic Spanish food created from traditional recipes. All goods are based on natural raw materials of the highest quality and their recipes follow genuine Spanish traditions that have been passed down for generations. They make fresh Chorizo, Butifarra and MalagueĊ„a sausages perfect for BBQs or grills, traditional cured meats like Fuet and Chorizo, and they import a variety of Spanish Paprika and Saffron.

Moko Eel

Moko Eel owners, Robert and Bev, are ardent supporters of sustainable fishing and hold eel in high regard as they see it as a unique kiwi cuisine.  Historically it has sustained Maori, as it was plentiful in all lakes and rivers of New Zealand.  The eel is naturally smoked and incredibly healthy.

Otaranui Farm

Jozefa runs approximately 150 Boer goats for meat and her two milking Sanaans, Nikki and Alice. The goat's milk is turned into feta, yoghurt and haloumi on a regular basis, and the meat from the Boers sells out quickly - especially the goat sausage flavoured with Ground's berbere. The farm also has lowline beef, bred for low impact on the land as well as amazing flavour.

Makana Chocolate

Makana Makes confectionry the freshest way possible with no artificial preservatives, colouring or flavourings. Each box of choclates is hand made and hand packed, ensuring the best quality and the best taste. Macadamia Butter Toffee Crunch is out of this world.


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