Content Management System for GROUND Food Tours

Welcome Jenny and Laura

Welcome to the Content Management System (CMS) for editing content on the GROUND Food Tours website. The Content Management System is powered by FROG CMS.

Before you start, we recommend you read through this Guide to using the FROG CMS Editing Interface.

This is where you can edit the content on each page within the website, using a simple editing interface - a bit like a word processor. You can also use the interface to upload files, such as PDFs, images etc, which you can then link to on a page. To get started, click on the name of a page in the menu at left, wait for the interface to load, then make the changes you want to. Once you have made the changes, and are happy with the page, click the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page, and the changes will be immediately saved to the website database. The changes will be shown to anyone browsing the site, next time they load that page.

If you wish to create a new page, or change an existing page, to be a 'child' or subpage of a main page (or menu button), you can do this by specifying the 'parent page' for that page. If you do this, the subpage or child will appear in the submenu below the parent page menu button.

As well as being able to edit the content on each page, you can also use the 'Actions' buttons at left, to add a new page, change the status of a page (activate, deactivate or delete a page), change the menu sort order, and refresh and resubmit the sitemap to Google, Bing and (Note: You should refresh the sitemap and resubmit it each time you change content on the website, but not more than once in an hour - otherwise you'll possibly be black-listed by Google).

As well as all the above, your FROG CMS has a powerful Galleries feature. You can add a new gallery, name it, and then add photos to it, simply by following the onscreen instructions. Once you have a gallery that is active, you can append it to any page within the site. You can add or delete individual photos from a gallery, add captions and choose the 'feature image' - which image you want to represent the whole gallery in the list of galleries in the CMS. You can also change the sort order of photos within a gallery, by clicking and dragging the image into the new position. Note: only one gallery at a time can be appended to a page in the site.

If you have any concerns about the performance of the CMS, or queries about how to use it, please contact the website developer.